Recent projects for Promacta & Norpak

Robert and I traveled a lot this year. Can’t believe it’s almost over! We went to Grand Cayman in January, which has now become a regular trip to escape the cold here in NYC. Although, this coming January, we are going to Jamaica! In February, we took a short trip to visit friends in Montreal – brrrr!!! We will definitely go there again in the warmer months. It’s colder there than in NYC! Then, in April, we visited a friend in New Orleans, and explored the jazz and history of that beautiful city. In late June/early July, we did a big family trip, with my two stepsons and went to Torino, Italy and Barecelona, Spain. Had an amazing time! I had some ongoing health issues to deal with as well, but now I am back in the swing of things and so grateful for my family, my friends, the career opportunities I have been given in NY and for good health!! Looking forward to what 2017 is going to bring!!

The above images are from my Promacta shoot earlier this year. I had an amazing time at the Grand Canyon. The scenery was gorgeous and I even got to ride a mule! It was one of my most favorite shoots ever! 

The above shots are from my latest shoot for Norpak with David White Photography. I had a wonderful time with David.

Things have been very busy lately with a commercial for Tommie Copper where I met some wonderful people. Took a wonderful film/tv class at One on One with CD Meghan Rafferty and taking my ongoing classes with Anthony Grasso who is an amazing on camera teacher. 

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February/March 2017

February was a very busy month and I was on hold for FIVE different projects including one very big print/on camera skin care campaign!! March